Names For Black Cats – The Ultimate List! – 126 Names

Names for black cats – creative and fun names

So you’ve just got yourself a new black cat or kitten and want to find a great name to suit him or her. When it comes to looking for names for black cats, we have you covered! Your cat deserves a fun, creative and unique name to answer to!

In this article we have compiled a list of 126 creative and classic black cat names so that you won’t be stuck for too long trying to figure out what to call your furry friend!

Some of these are classic names that link to the colour black. Some names are taken from the names of witches, wizards, gods, goddesses and dark characters of the past. Others may have a meaning of a mystical nature. So feel free to research any of the names for more information on their meaning.

Some names are intended for either male or female cats, and some are suitable for both. We have provided a guide next to each name for which gender we believe each name best suits, but you can change it up to suit yourself.

Whatever vibe you’re going for, we’re sure you’ll find a suitable name to call your moggy!

Photo by Dids from Pexels

Adrienne (F)

Agnes (F)

Allegra (F)

Anakin (M)

Anastasia (F)

Apollo (M/F)

Anubis (M/F)

Apollyon (M/F)

Astro (M/F)

Athena (F)

Ash (M/F)

Astra (M/F)

Aurora (M/F)

Avallach (M)

Azazel (M/F)

Beatrix (F)

Bellatrix (F)

Bolt (M/F)

Branwen (F)

Buffy (F)

Burton (M)

Casper (M)

Celeste (M/F)

Ceres (F)

Charon (M)

Chucky (M)

Coal (M/F)

Comet (M/F)

Cosmo (M/F)

Crow (M/F)

Crypto (M/F)

Cthulu (M/F)

Darth (M)

Delta (M/F)

Dexter (M)

Dracula (M/F)

Dusk (M/F)

Ebony (M/F)

Ember (M/F)

Eve (F)

Felix (M)

Freddy (M)

Freya (F)

George (M)

Gomez (M)

Grendel (M)

Hades (M)

Hattori (M/F)

Hespera (F)

Hex (M/F)

Hecate (F)

Hypnos (M/F)

Ivy (F)

Jack (M)

Jafar (M)

Judas (M)

Jaguar (M/F)

Jekyll (M)

Kato (M)

Kali (F)

Layla (F)

Licorice (M/F)

Lilith (F)

Lily (F)

Loki (M)

Lucia (F)

Lucifer (M)

Luna (F)

Lotus (M/F)

Macbeth (F)

Maelor (M)

Magnus (M)

Mantus (M)

Mars (M)

Meg (F)

Merlin (M)

Midnight (M/F)

Misty (M/F)

Mormo (M/F)

Morticia (F)

Nebula (M/F)

Odin (M)

Onyx (M/F)

Ophelia (F)

Orchid (M/F)

Osiris (M)

Oz (M/F)

Pandora (F)

Pepper (M/F)

Petunia (F)

Phantom (M/F)

Phobos (M/F)

Pluto (M)

Raven (M/F)

Riddle (M/F)

Sabrina (F)

Salazar (M)

Salem (M)

Samara (F)

Set (M)

Severus (M)

Shade (M/F)

Shadow (M/F)

Shiva (M/F)

Sirius (M)

Smoke (M/F)

Snape (M)

Spook (M/F)

Sooty (M/F)

Storm (M/F)

Sybil (F)

Taboo (M/F)

Thor (M)

Thora (F)

Thorn (M/F)

Tomo (M)

Umbra (M/F)

Velvet (M/F)

Vincent (M)

Voodoo (M/F)

Vulcan (M/F)

Wednesday (F)

Willow (F)

Winter (M/F)

Zues (M)

Zozo (M/F)

Choosing a name for your cat

Choosing a new name for your black cat isn’t something that needs to be rushed. It may be a good idea to give yourself a little time to get to know him or her. Of course all of the names above have been placed on this page because we feel they have a link to the colour black, but that isn’t the only reason to choose the name for your cat.

Every cat has their own unique personality, so getting to know if your cat is lazy and relaxed, or cheeky and a little naughty may help you figure out the name that best suits them in your eyes.

You may find that your cat has a tendency to do certain things, look at you in a certain way or either be overly talkative or overly quiet and shy.

Some names are aslo inspired by famous TV/movie characters that you may know of. So take your time and surely a name will stand out to you!

Names for black cats
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Famous black cats from the past


Oscar the bionic cat

Oscar is a Guiness world record holding cat who is the first to have two bionic leg implants, and the first cat to have bionic implants applied to its moving joints. This cat had an accident with a combine harvester resulting in his hind 2 paws being severed from his legs. After being referred to surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, this cat was originally given blades similar to those that are worn by athletes in the Special Olympics. After his ankle broke, he had to have the blades replaced with bionic ‘feet’.


Anyone who’s recently been watching videos of cats on the internet may have heard of Cole and Marmalade. Cole, who was named as a play on the word “coal” (one of our previously mentioned names for black cats), is one half of the feline duo that often frequents Instagram and YouTube to a large audience. The owners believe him to be a Turkish Angora, but that cannot be confirmed.

Felix the Cat

Back in the days of the silent film era, Felix the Cat is known as possibly one of the first animated characters popular enough to draw a movie audience and is one of the most recognised early cartoon characters created. Felix was created by the studio of Australian cartoonist Pat Sullivan. We are not sure whether the character was created by him or his lead animator, Otto Messmer. Felix’s popularity faded in the late 1920s due to the arrival of sound cartoons.


Salem Saberhagen is a fictional cat created as part of the comic series Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Salem may have originally been a ginger coloured cat in the comic series, however in the sitcom of the late 90s to 2000s the character was portrayed as a black cat. Originally this cat was a former witch who was sentenced to 100 years as a cat by The Witches Council for attempting to take over the world.

Snowball II

Snowball II is a famous cat also coming from a famous animated TV show, The Simpsons. Known to be the 2nd cat of the Simpson family, this cat replaced the original (white) cat Snowball and seemingly carried on the ironic name being a black coloured cat.


This cat was the pet of the famous English writer, Samuel Johnson who was also known as Dr. Johnson. Known to be very much loved by his owner, this cat would eat oysters bought by Samuel and to this day sits as a statue in London located outside of Samuel’s old house.